Alligator Leather vs. Alligator Skin Handbags

Clients seeking something out of the ordinary or who are drawn to the luxurious will take pleasure in exquisite leather goods, such as an exotic skin handbag. Farbod Barsum is a coveted name in the couture hide world and manufactures some of the most coveted items on the globe. If you’re in the market for an alligator leather handbag or alligator skin handbag but don’t know which one is right for your lifestyle, Farbod Barsum will explain the differences.


Alligator Skin

Found solely in North America, the alligator is part of the crocodilian family. This rare reptile lives exclusively in fresh water lagoons ranging from Florida to Eastern Texas. Due to the high quality and beauty of the skin, as well as the exclusivity, an alligator skin handbag is seen as one of the most luxurious hide choices available.

Alligator skin handbags are crafted using the actual scales of the animal. These strong, sleek tiles have an overall homogeneity pattern and are smooth to the touch. The belly scales of alligators are often squared off in shape and have an umbilical scar running up the abdomen that looks like a cluster of smaller scales in a trilateral shape. Many designers will spotlight this trait in their couture bags to prove the authenticity of the bag and showcase the gorgeous markings elite to this creature.

Alligator Leather

Alligators are considered classic leathers and are of high quality and high value. The leather is the skin found under the actual scales. One of the biggest characteristic of alligator leather is its pliability. Another way to distinguish alligator leather with the untrained eye is to count the bumps on the back of the head, if used on the leather product. The alligator has a pattern of two-two-two bumps.

While alligator skin and leather are different to the touch, they are both desirable skins for handbags and other exotic skin goods. Farbod Barsum deals exclusively in fine leather products, ensuring you are getting the best of the best.