Alligator vs. Ostrich Skin Handbag

Clients who are on the lookout for a couture exotic skin handbag may be offered with a plethora of different options ranging from bird to bovine to reptile. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which skin is the right for you? Farbod Barsum is a coveted name in the exotic hide handbag world and will clarify the main differences between ostrich and alligator to give you a better understanding of which option may be right for you. 



Alligator Skins

Found exclusively in America, this member of the crocodilian family lives in fresh water swamps spanning from eastern Texas to Florida. Due to the high quality and beauty of their skin, as well as their exclusivity, an alligator skin handbag is seen as one of the most luxurious skin choices available. The skin is strong, sleek, and has an overall homogeneity in pattern.

The belly scales of alligators are often squared off in shape. Alligators have an umbilical scar running up the belly that looks like a cluster of smaller scales in a triangular shape. Many designers will spotlight this trait in their couture bags to prove the authenticity of the alligator skin handbag.

Ostrich Skin

These large birds, indigenous to the central plains of Africa, have a hide characterized by raised points that are located at the center of the skin. The portion of the hide with these bumps is called the crown and is often spotlighted in an ostrich skin handbag. Another characteristic is the tiny bumps where the feathers have been hand plucked. The skin is one of the sturdiest commercial leathers, and thus seen as a luxury item.

Farbod Barsum is proud to work with some of the finest skins and hides in the world in an effort to bring wearable pieces of art to its clients.