Best Fall Fashion Statements

Fashion is, as they say, cyclical. Every so often, a decade will come around that will bring sweeping change to the world, and then the industry will settle back into something more classic and timeless, and the cycle will begin again. For this year, it seems that fashion is going back to the basics, with some trends taking a modern approach at the outfits of yesteryear like exotic handbags. Here are a few of the biggest things that will be taking shape this fall.

Fur That Excites

Even though wearing an authentic fur can be considered a bit gauche, the fact is that nothing can look more elegant on a night out than a thick, cozy fur coat or shawl draped over your shoulder. This season, go with faux and make a statement with a dazzling fur outfit that will call attention in the best possible way. In fact, fur is coming back in such a big way that it is even extending to handbags and purses. So if you notice a few clutches that look more like a prize poodle, you can thank this trend.

Classic Bomber Jackets

As the fashion world looks back, certain styles of old will invariably come out and make a splash. One such display is the reemergence of old-school bomber jackets. With a bit of modern flair, these jackets can give your outfit a sense of purpose and class while also keeping you warm on cold fall nights.

Fall Fashion Accessories

We already mentioned that fur is taking over clothes and purses, but this fall the big thing is to have something that can look vintage as well as a modern. One of the best ways to capture this trend is to get a vintage alligator skin purse. Alligator skin is stylish in any decade, but with this year’s focus of old meets new, you can capitalize on the timeless beauty of alligator skin and make a statement that won’t fade over time.