Crossbody Bag vs. Clutch

When it comes to accessories, is there anything better than a good handbag? In this case, we are using the term handbag as a catch-all, but we are including the broad spectrum of bags, including clutches, purses, and satchels. With so many different styles to choose from, how can you pick the best one? The easy answer is that you have a selection of bags for a variety of occasions, such as an everyday purse, a crossbody bag, and a clutch.



In fact, besides a purse, cross body bags and clutches are the two most used accessories in a woman’s wardrobe. But what is the difference between the two?

Crossbody Bag

As the name suggests, this model hangs over your shoulder and crosses your body. This bag type resembles a satchel, but it’s usually smaller and more fashionable. For some women, a crossbody bag is the best accessory (more so than a purse) because it offers more convenience and practicality. A purse has to be carried in your hand or awkwardly thrown onto your shoulder. A crossbody bag you can just strap on and then go. If you ever want to have both of your hands free the majority of the time, then this is the bag for you. For a more exotic crossbody bag, we suggest getting one in alligator or ostrich skin. The style is better, and the material is usually stronger.


A clutch has no straps, meaning that you have to carry it in one hand all the time. Nonetheless, most women have at least one clutch that they carry with them (usually in a purse) or take it for a night on the town.

Exotic clutches are fantastic for nights out because it allows you to carry the essentials without being bogged down by a purse or larger bag that will get in the way. Also, if you are dressed to the nines, a clutch is the best way to go to accent your outfit. In that case, an exotic skin clutch will add a touch of elegance to your ensemble while still being highly practical.