How to Spot a Fake Farbod

Manufactured in the United States and based in Beverly Hills, Calif., Farbod Barsum’s exotic bags and accessories are incomparable to others of its kind. The designer himself built his empire from his uncanny ability to color block and create a genuine skin purse from multiple types of exotic skins. Whether it be a lizard clutch or an alligator cross body bag, Farbod Barsum sets the standard in luxury bags and accessories.


Due to the high caliber of his work, knockoffs frequently pop up around town. Don’t be fooled, though; Farbod Barsum originals are made with such intricacy that just about anybody could point out a faux alligator cross body bag by just knowing the basics of what sets Farbod Barsum apart from the rest.


When inspecting these exotic bags, always look out for Farbod’s signature touches. First, check for the jacquard weave. The designer prides himself on his signature jacquard weave with polka dot lining on the inside of his exotic bags. No bag is complete without it, and is the first way to spot if the bag is indeed a genuine skin purse or not. Next is the exotic skin color blocking. Farbod Barsum was the first to put together two types of exotic skins to create a masterpiece. Although he does have creations that are entirely one type of skin, such as the Tina alligator cross body bag, it’s still an excellent way to tell Farbod’s exotic bags apart from others; nobody else has been able to master the contrast quite like him! Finally, look out for exotic bags with bold colors. Farbod Barsum is known in the fashion industry for his ability to pull off bags and accessories that combine exotic skins with bright colors such as flame red, persimmon or metallic blue.

Don’t fall for a fake and stand out from the crowd with a genuine skin purse Farbod Barsum.