Product Feature: Alligator Skin Handbag

There are a few crucial items to invest in when it comes to your wardrobe: A little black dress, a nice pair of jeans, those silver hoop earrings that you can dress up or down. The most important: A stylist yet durable handbag. Especially in a town full of opportunity like Los Angeles, there is no reason to hold back on a purchase that you can pair with for just about any event, whether it be the red carpet, a low-key concert or even a job interview. Farbod Barsum offers luxury exotic handbags for every occasion, and the time is now to make the addition to your wardrobe. Our personal favorite? The alligator skin handbag.

Best Alligator Skin HandbagThe Essentials to Care for an Alligator Skin Purse

Just like all Farbod Barsum originals, the alligator skin purse is timeless yet trendy, down to every last detail. The interior trims match the exterior skin and every alligator skin handbag is lined in Farbod’s signature jacquard weave polka dot lining. As always, Farbod makers certain all of his products include a closure to keep your items safe.          

Although durable, it’s important to remember that alligator skin is precious. It’s important to keep all exotic handbags out of direct sunlight because it may tarnish the color it originally came in; even store it in a closet or dark area when it’s not in use. Also, if anything happens to get on it, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth rather than get it wet. This method of cleaning the alligator skin handbag also is beneficial to maintain the oils and luster of any exotic handbags.

Make the investment and know you’re finding the perfect balance of timeless and trendy with the alligator skin handbag by Farbod Barsum.