Meet Our Signature Bag, the Empress and Empress Mini

Exotic Handbag Empress & Empress Mini

Empress bags and Empress Minis' in Alligator, Ostrich, and Karung

In 2010, we launched our Empress Bag, which bears all the values we aspired in becoming our collection's signature piece. We named it the Empress because after all, she is indeed the supreme Queen of our designs.

 Empress Red Alligator Skin Bag

Empress in Ruby Red Alligator

I was originally inspired by the shape and rhythm found in the geometry of a seashell when drafting this piece. I wanted this structured bag to be balanced with organic qualities. The result is a breathtaking design that is at glance simple for its repeating flowing curves yet upfront a mind spelling array of details that only a seasoned master artisan can approach. After rigorous prototype adjustments and detail specs, it was confirmed that my design would require two master artisans working side by side an entire week (so roughly 80 hours) PER BAG! 

Genuine Alligator Skin Purse

Details of Empress Curvilinear panels and French Binding

For this reason alone, it is the most labor intensive and technically complicated exotic skin handbag to construct on the market. Why you might ask? Several reasons:

-We have always employed a special detail in our bags explained in an article on this blog, "Not All Designer Bags are Equal", called a 'Turned Edge.' Using a turned edge detail requires a special type of artisan who has decades of experience in advanced handbag making techniques. The prep work and execution of this detail can multiply the total labor costs many times over, but this is the very nature of a handmade couture approach. The end result, a self-contained edge detail unrivaled by none. While all of our handbags employ the luxurious detailing of Turned Edges, we went a step further with the Empress adding to the complexity bringing us to the next detail:

Genuine Alligator Bag

Close-up panel details with turned edges and French Binding 

- Every panel is trimmed with French Binding. Not only does this detail use a tremendous amount of material that is tooled from individual strips of exotic skin, it adds a type of luxury that simple top stitching can't achieve. It creates a beautiful trim that adds another layer of dimension to the edges of each panel. Prepping French Binding strips, and sewing to each panel which is then overlapped or under lapped to the panel adjacent, complicates things. Then, as if reading this hasn't caused your head to spin, there is another feature to take into consideration.





























- Each panel on the bag is a curvilinear panel. Doing a turned edge detail  or French Binding detail on a straight edge is something to behold, but working those details on a curvilinear plane adds much more time and workmanship to get the material to behave and respond around the curves. 











Ostrich Skin Purse

Empress in Cognac Alligator & Ostrich 


The end result is a unique and timeless beauty which has been enjoyed and collected by the likes of Royalty, Celebrities, and Socialites. We offer The Empress in a full range of materials and combinations of, including Alligator, Ostrich skin bag, Ostrich Leg, and Karung. The options are limitless and customizable if desired. 

To celebrate our 5th year, in 2015 we launched a more petite version of the Empress, The Empress Mini. This compact version of its mother design, boasts no less in the complexity of it's details. 

Thank you you for taking the time to learn more about our Empress!

Empress In Karung & Alligator Empress Alligator