Step Up Your Game with an Exotic Skin Belt

Mens Exotic Accessories

A belt on jeans or tailored pants is no question regarding its function and necessity, but why not introduce a vibrant color or unique texture that will really make the outfit pop?

For those in the mindset of classics, black and brown are a staple go-to color. With the unique micro texture of a lizard belt or the large statement markings of an alligator belt, the basics of dressing move in a direction of richness in style.

For formal and occasional wear, exotic accessories can be selected in glazed or matte finishes to have the perfect level of desired sheen. There is no rule however, you can wear glazed lizard for casual use as much as one can wear matte finishes for formal and visa versa. This is merely a matter of personal taste.

Deviating from classic colors, we offer a rich variety of jewel tones and deep color hues that are certain to make a pop of color statement against a neutral ensemble or to compliment the color story of the outfit. A crisp white shirt, black jeans, and Flame Red lizard belt are sure to make a fashionable and easily integrated way of wearing bright colors. Imagine, Grey pants, navy shirt, and a Persimmon orange belt for a very elegant way of using complimenting colors for a an upscale urbanite.

The most unique feature of our exotic mens belts is the ability to purchase without the hassle of sizing. The buckle opens without any tools, just fingers opening a latch to expose the end of the belt. With a pair of shears, one can custom cut the belt and re-insert into the buckle for a bespoke fit. We recommend cutting conservatively for the first cut, trying on again and making a minor final adjustment with a smaller finishing trim - a process that only takes a few minutes. The beauty of doing this once is you now have a template belt to cut all other future colors against.

With so many textural and color choices, and that are cut to measure for a custom fit, why be ordinary in your belt choice?