Value of a Vintage Alligator Purse

If you are in the market for a lavish purse that will only increase in beauty over the years, then look no further than an alligator skin purse. These vintage couture items maintain their value for years, and are one of the most luxurious exotic skin handbag options offered by Farbod Barsum.

Alligator Skin

Referred to the “Rolls Royce” of exotics because of the high quality and elegance of their skin, the alligator is part of the crocodilian family found only in the southeastern United States. They reside in fresh water swamps spanning from eastern Texas to southern Florida. Due to the toughness, litheness, texture, and overall scale pattern consistency, they are one of the most expensive hide options. They are also rarer than any other crocodilian species, including the crocodile and caiman.

Alligators have an umbilical scar, much like a human belly button, that runs up the belly, appearing to be a cluster of smaller scales in a triangular shape. Designers will often showcase this unique characteristic in their finished alligator skin handbag product to prove alligator authenticity.

The Finest Skin for the Finest Price

For those that want the finest in exotic skins, choose alligator hides. Farbod Barsum only makes the finest in exotic purses. The superb craftsmanship makes for a stunning piece of wearable art that will only go up in value over the years.