Value of Vintage Crocodile Purse

When shopping for authentic couture, many clients seek to find pieces that will last them a lifetime. An exotic skin handbag is one of those timeless pieces that only get more beautiful and valuable with age. Farbod Barsum is proud to offer a stunning variety of luxury exotic purses, varying from ostrich and snakeskin to alligator and lizard. One of its standout pieces is the exclusive crocodile skin handbag, crafted from genuine organically harvested crocodile skin and boasting an array of gorgeous handcrafted traits.

Crocodile Skin Handbags

Crocodile skins are some of the most coveted hides in the world and a staple piece in couture. Part of the crocodilian family, these aquatic reptiles are found throughout the world in both fresh water and salt water environments. Crocodiles have tiny hairs to help them sense their underwater surroundings. After the hide is tanned, the hairs are individually removed, leaving tiny pore clusters behind. A dead giveaway of a crocodile handbag, these tiny holes feature elegant oval shapes.

The Value of These Vintage Pieces

Due to their high quality, crocodile skins only gain worth with time, given proper care. Crocodile bags can be worth anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 dollars given their condition.

Crocodile skins age gracefully, making them a smart investment for your future. Farbod Barsum’s crocodile skin purses and clutches are made with attention to detail and specialized craftsmanship, making them a stunning example of what vintage pieces should look like.

If you want a wearable piece of artistry that will surely last a lifetime, reach for an authentic vintage crocodile skin handbag.