Vintage vs. Modern Alligator Skin Purse

When you want to create a stunning and fabulous look, you know that the accessories can be just as important as your clothing. After all, a smart purse or handbag can complement you easily and stunningly. With that in mind, what kind of bag would make a bold statement while still looking amazing? One of the best options is alligator skin. 


Why Alligator Skin?

When talking about exotic handbags, nothing is more unique and vibrant than an alligator skin purse. Alligators are only found in one part of the world (Southeastern US), so the skin is much more precious than a crocodile or other reptiles. For that reason, alligator purses and bags are much more sought after for those looking for inimitable class and elegance. But when it comes to finding the right bag, should you go for something modern or vintage?

Vintage Alligator Purse

For decades, alligator skin purses have been a high-fashion icon. For that reason, there are plenty of old-school options out there for anyone looking to get some classic glamor to add to their repertoire. But is vintage better? Here are some pros and cons of going with an old-school purse. 


  • Timeless designs
  • More unique
  • Durable craftsmanship


  • Harder to find
  • More expensive
  • Less options available 

Modern Alligator Purse

If you are not sold on the appeal of a vintage designed alligator purse, you may be tempted to go with something more chic and modern. These days, there are plenty of options of different colors, styles, and sizes to choose from to complete your ensemble. Here is what you can expect from a modern alligator purse.


  • More options and styles
  • Can be more cost-effective
  • Brand new and not used


  • In some cases, they can be more expensive
  • Not as unique as a vintage model


The difference between vintage and modern alligator skin purses will come down to personal preference. Do you want to go for a classic Hollywood appearance or are you vying to make a new fashion statement? Either way, you’re sure to impress with alligator skin.