What Is Pirarucu Fish Skin?

Farbod Barsum features the latest innovations in luxury handbags. Its supple exotic fish skin bag is crafted from organically harvested Pirarucu skin, becoming newest addition to the designer’s artisan-crafted avant-garde bags.

A Coveted Fish

The tropical Pirarucu fish thrives in great numbers deep in the Brazilian Amazon River. The largest freshwater fish in the South American continent, the Pirarucu can grow to over six feet long and weigh over 200 pounds (some recent records found the fish to clock in at over 400 pounds), giving it extremely durable skin to sustain itself.

Like cowhide, Pirarucu skin is extremely thick, tough, and durable. When you look at the finished exotic handbag, you are not looking at the individual scales, but the methodically hand-cut and removed scales that reveal the attractive texture of the skin that lies beneath.


A Handmade Process

The Brazilian government closely monitors and regulates the population and harvesting of these gorgeous creatures. Many local fishermen earn a living by catching Pirarucu fish, which also feed the numerous villages and fishing communities nestled on the banks of the Amazon River. Another source of income for the locals is the labor costs associated with meticulously hand cutting and prepping the skins for tanning. Farbod Barsum has ensured that these suppliers use only sustainable farming and harvesting techniques, as well as a chrome-free dying process for ecologically friendly results.

Farbod Barsum has introduced the textually vibrant line of Pirarucu fish skin bags to its exclusive line of exotic handbags and clutches. It’s always a feast for the eyes to see these beautiful bags up close, with all of the craftsmanship and labor poured into each and every item.