What to Look for When Purchasing an Exotic Handbag

When you are on the hunt for a couture exotic skin handbag, there are many factors that set the high-end, artisan designers’ products apart from the cheap ones. The sophistication and exquisite attention to detail found in each above competitors. Here is how to ensure high quality in your designer bag when you buy an exotic skin handbag online.


Beauty in the Details

There are a number of details that you need to observe when buying an exotic snakeskin or alligator skin handbag. The outside edge that folds inside the bag, commonly referred to as the handbag’s facing, should be made of the same luxurious skin as the outside itself. If the top portion of the shoulder strap and handles are made of an exotic skin, the bottom component should be too in order to get more usage from the bag. Observe the edges of the bag. If the skin folds inward and disappears seamlessly before the panel was top stitched, you are seeing an extremely calibrated couture detail known as a “turned cut.” This process requires time, planning, and preparation of the skin, as it must be thinned out and pre-folded with the utilization of a special tool before being flawlessly lined for the hand-stitched process.

Other Factors to Note:

  • Piping or French binding
  • Curvatures in the design
  • The skin chosen to manufacture the bag

Process by Innovation

Farbod Barsum uses only the finest organically harvested skins on the market. Its process is time consuming and meticulous, literally making each exotic handbag a wearable piece of art. Custom hardware is also hand cast and polished one piece at a time.

If you want a true investment, think no further than Farbod Barsum.