5 Rules Of Fashion

When it comes to top fashion rules, you’ll find more opinions than there are shoes in a Kardashian closet—almost anything goes. However, there are some rules most fashionistas will agree on, and avoiding white after Labor Day isn’t one of them.

Here are our top five fashion rules:

1. Accessories Finish an Outfit

Great accessories are like toppings on an ice cream sundae. Depending on how you mix them, you can achieve all kinds of effects. An undressed sundae is just ice cream in a cup. To finish an outfit, grab your favorite accessories and make a sweet combination.

An alligator skin wallet or a lizard skin belt add interest and a pop of color to an ordinary ensemble. A leather jacket and boots add edge to everything from jeans to a sundress. Use accessories to transform everyday outfits.

2. Always Dress for the Occasion

The adage, “white after Labor Day is passé,” is one rule we love to break. However, we agree that despite the time of year, it’s always good to dress for the occasion.

Jean shorts and a scarf head-wrap look great at the beach, but not so great at the office. If you want to make a statement on the day-to-day, use accessories to exaggerate your unique style—leave the jean shorts at home. 

3. Spend Money on Timeless Pieces

There are some things that never go out of style. We recommend splurging on timeless pieces that will live in your closet forever: like a beautiful leather jacket, the perfect little black dress, or a gorgeous pair of tailored slacks.

If there are clothing pieces or accessories you reach for again and again, up the ante and buy a brand name that will last a lifetime.

4. Mix Patterns/Textures Like a Pro

Mixing patterns is an art, not a science, but with a few tips you can mix patterns and textures like a haute couture pro.

Choose one print to be the focus, or central theme. Use prints of different scales to ensure cohesiveness (think big, chunky flowers vs. tight hatch pattern). Keep the color scheme in the same family, or pair neutrals with vibrant colors.

5. Wear What Makes You Happy

The only rule that really matters: always wear what makes you happy. Nothing says confidence like a man or woman with a smile. Personal style is unique, and as long as you feel good doing it, who the heck needs a rulebook?

Use these 5 fashion rules to get your personal style back on track, or to make a fashion statement.