How To: Nail Your Date Night Look

The best looks for date night have one thing in common: they boost confidence. Without confidence, encounters with new people can be more stressful, and who needs more stress when you go on date? 

Here’s how to nail your date night look: 

First, it’s all about the handbag. Men wear impressive watches, ladies love a good handbag, and there’s as much utility in this advice as there is fashion guidance.

For date night, always reach for a larger handbag in a bold statement color or material. Genuine skin handbags are ideal, and exotic totes look fabulous. They also provide a bit more room to store your date night essentials, which may include a pair of flats if you decide to go dancing, or a small makeup bag to freshen up. 

Next, don’t be afraid to show some skin, but don’t overexpose to the point of discomfort. If you feel great in a mini skirt, go for it, but avoid a plunging neckline or spaghetti-strap sleeves. Conversely, if your décolletage is lookin’ good, grab a longer skirt or pants to cover more leg. It’s OK to show off, but too much exposure and you’ll catch a cold, or send the wrong message to your date.

Always wear lipstick. Scientific studies have proven that women who wear red lipstick attract longer gazes. This is because rosy lips are a sign of health and fertility; on a subconscious level, it’s how we attract a mate. Wear your shade confidently.

Finally, wear shoes you can walk in. Nothing says, I don’t know what I’m doing like a wobbly women in impractical heels. The choice to wear heels is up to you, but blisters and baby steps are a downer. Who wants to talk about that when you could be talking about each other? 

Follow these tips and you can’t go wrong on your next date night.